Productivity Is Foiled by Technology Distractions

Does Technology Save You Time Or Help You Waste It?  

woman working on laptopTechnology in theory is supposed to increase your productivity. Technology distractions can also offer interruptions to what you need to accomplish; thwarting your efforts for good time management.

Sometimes it seems there is a correlation between spending more time in front of a computer or mobile device and getting less done.

It will take discipline to change the bad habits you have been developing over time. Try changing one or two areas to see if you can take back some time for real focused work and increase your productivity.

Set boundaries. Changing your work habits not only requires that you be more disciplined but also letting those around you know when you don’t want to be disturbed and need focus on work. Good time management necessitates notifying others when you are busy.

Create separate user profiles. On your home computer you may already have individual profiles for each family member. You can do the same for a work and personal profile. Don’t include games or social media in your work profile so that you won’t be tempted. Without technology distractions you will boost your productivity.

Try time tracking software. Rescue Time tracks every window and application you open on your computer and how long you spend there. It can be eye opening to see what percentage of your day is spent playing games or browsing social media sites. Realization can be the first step to making changes and improving your time management.

Work off line. Gather all the research you need while online. When you are ready to work on a project, switch to off-line mode. You can increase your productivity by focusing on the task at hand without being tempted by email or a little internet shopping.

Turn off notification sounds. If a chime goes off every time you receive an email or text you will be tempted to stop and read it. You tell yourself it will only take a few seconds but reality tells us differently. Each time you switch tasks it can take up to 15 minutes to re-engage with the original task. That zaps your productivity and we all know that’s not optimal time management.

Take breaks. You are more likely to stick to new habits it you allow yourself time to indulge your technological weaknesses. Time management doesn’t mean all work and no play. Set certain times for distractions and limit how long you ‘play’.

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  • MrThomasEllis

    Good stuff here! You can be as successful as you want to be with out a  great time management process. Doing the right activites at the right time will yield great results.