How To Market Your Business with Pinterest – 5 Tips

Chart of Pinterest Exponential Growth

Pinterest traffic has taken off and continues to grow exponentially.

Pinterest recently surpassed LinkedIn, Tagged and Google+.

It is now the #3 social networking site behind Facebook and Twitter according to MarketingProfs.

You might be asking yourself, do you and how do you get your business started with Pinterest?

If you’re not aware of this fairly new site, it is the virtual pin board of the web, where businesses and individuals can “pin” their favorite photos, graphics and videos while amassing virtual followers.

Network demographics include 60% female users, about 50% of them between the ages of 25 and 44.  Since many large and small corporations also target this demographic, the social network is quickly gaining popularity as a way for businesses to extend brand and engagement online.

If you are curious about Pinterest or looking for another avenue to engage with your target market, here are 5 tips how to market your business with Pinterest:

Make certain your product fits in with the Pinterest crowd -

Pinterest beckons to three main categories. These include recipes/cooking, DIY crafts, and room decor. If your product may lend a flair to one of these groups then it is a good fit. If not, you may be able to create a fit. For example, if your business sells wood saws use pictures of the saw being used to create wood crafts.

Keep your board simple and clean -

Pinterest is praised for its ease of use.  All pictures are intended to be the same size and the space should be without clutter. Maintain your board in this manner.  Organize material so that it appears flawless, and elegant.  This easy to view visual will capture the interest of viewers and the natural flow will hold interest.

Make your board interesting -

 Of course the main objective is to market your business’ products or service, with links from your product’s photos to your website or shopping cart.  However, your board should not only reflect photographs of said products, but it should also include a creative flair with interesting text.   Mingle interesting facts or news bits with your pictures.  This will spark viewer interest.

Cross promote on other social networks -

Use your pages from other social networks to advertise your Pinterest board.  While Pinterest is quickly gaining a fanbase, older networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler already have a hardy following.  Add links on these sites to draw fans to your Pinterest board.

Pin the products of others -

Seek out boards with a large following and pin them. This will prompt them to do the same. As a result, you will create a large following for your own products or services.

Pinterest can be an excellent marketing tool for your business if used correctly.  It is a low cost method of encouraging crowds of people to view your product lines. Be creative in your efforts. Use your imagination to make pins unique keep the ambiance of your board fun and upbeat. This will draw a vast number of fans. If you follow these tips your pins will be a hit, and in turn, your product sales will increase as well.

Tracy Swain is the Owner & Founder of eTelligent Strategies, a Northern Virginia based strategic marketing consulting firm.

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