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How to Increase your sales

Selling Value Helps Closing Sales Faster

Selling Value comes down to one question: What can you provide that your competitors can’t (or won’t)? Salespeople who realize this are eager to learn everything they can about their prospects. The more avenues they go down, and the more … Continue reading

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Business Consultants Close Deals Better Than Sales People

Have you wondered why many of your deals are not closing? Maybe it is because you are being a sales person and not a business consultant. What’s the difference between a sales person and a business consultant?  Good Question. One … Continue reading

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Find New Clients On LinkedIn

Is your business on LinkedIn? Are you using it to it’s maximum potential?  LinkedIn is the most effective source of leads for business to business (B2B) companies, according to data from HubSpot.  So, if your company sells to other businesses, LinkedIn is where … Continue reading

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Six Qualifying Questions That Will Help You Close More Sales Faster

It happens all the time. A sales person’s closing ratio needs improvement.  He spends several weeks polishing up presentation skills but doesn’t improve his results. Often, the real problem has nothing to do with closing.  Rather, it has everything to do … Continue reading

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Close More Sales – More Listening, More Selling

Salespeople love the sound of their own voice. And sometimes that is a good thing but many times it’s a recipe for disaster. The elite salespeople know if you want to consistently make sales, you know when to shut up … Continue reading

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Closing More Sales, 6 Keys

Prospects no longer expect salespeople to show up at their door and sell them a Smartphone, internet services, VIOP services, cable, etc. Nor do they call companies and ask them to send out a salesperson to explain what they have … Continue reading

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How to Find New Prospects

Finding new prospects is one of the most critical skills for your business.  In order to exceed your sales quota you need high-quality prospects that are likely to move through the sales process becoming buyers. Let’s take a look at … Continue reading

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Five Sales Tips

In business, things that sound simple are often quite hard.  Closing more sales is a goal for nearly every business, yet it is anything but easy.   Ask yourself: Am I consistently approaching each closing opportunity with a sense of urgency? … Continue reading

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