Video Marketing and Creative Content – 5 Tips To Get it Right

It’s no secret that adding video and maintaining a consistent video marketing strategy can be a huge influencer when it comes to online marketing.

Socialmediatoday finds that 59% of C-level decision makers prefer watching an online video to reading text. reports that a video is 53 times more likely to generate a first page Google ranking than traditional search engine marketing techniques.

Yet, despite consumer preference for video, and the clear Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits that video marketing brings, many small businesses find Continue reading

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Health Insurance Open Enrollment -Choices are Yours!

Do you know that it’s time to re-evaluate your health insurance?

It’s time for health insurance open enrollment!

Soon health insurance agents and brokers will be scrambling to keep up with the demand of all the customers who ignored and avoided their calls, and who refused their calls for the last 9 months.

What could possibly cause these employees & employers to have such a drastic shift? Continue reading

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LinkedIn: 3 Things You Forgot About

LinkedIn is now one of the most powerful tool for small businesses, entrepreneurs, sales professionals and job seekers, which is a long way from when it was just profiles and articles.  In light of all the new robust features, use this post as a reminder to circle back around to a few basic features that you may have forgotten about.  Let’s take a look. Continue reading

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Selling Value Helps Closing Sales Faster

Selling Value comes down to one question: What can you provide that your competitors can’t (or won’t)?

Salespeople who realize this are eager to learn everything they can about their prospects. The more avenues they go down, and the more they devote to understanding their prospect’s needs, the stronger their selling points are.

Any salesperson knows that price is only one component of value. And really, what prospect wouldn’t pay twice as much for a product that promised three-times the Return on Investment (ROI)? Continue reading

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Business Strategy: From Doers to Thinkers and Back to Doers

Most small business owners are the “doers.”

In addition to being entrepreneurs, you are also doing the finances, marketing and operating your business.

However, day-to-day work can distract you from the most important part of a CEO’s job: thinking and building your business strategy.

When consultants mention the word strategy, many small business owners change Continue reading

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Business Banks: Best and Worst

Your bank knows your credit score.

But do you know your bank’s credit score?

When there’s a problem is your business bank going to work with you to fix it or are they simply going to tell you to pay up or else they will send it to collections?  As a small business owner your credit is even more important as you may have to guarantee your small business loans with your personal credit.

Your credit score is an indication of how good it is to do business with you.  But what about your bank’s score.  We’ve lined it up for you. Continue reading

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3 Ways Commuting Can Affect Your Insurance Coverage

Do you realize the impact local laws have on your insurance coverages?

Since each state has its own Insurance Commission, insurance laws vary from state to state.

Sometimes living in one state and working in another provides an opportunity for insurance coverage that might otherwise be unavailable.

In the world of supplemental (also known as limited-benefit) health insurance, there are a few instances where crossing the state line can Continue reading

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LinkedIn: The Best Small Business Networking Tool

LinkedIn is the best small business networking tool.

Provided you use it right.

Many people become confused when they hear LinkedIn. Thoughts of spending time learning how to use yet another new social media tool become overwhelming for many.

Fear not small business owner, let me break it down for you!

Let’s follow the wise words of Yoda from the Star War movies who said “you must unlearn what you have learned.” In that regard – FORGET about social media and FORGET about Continue reading

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Productivity Is Foiled by Technology Distractions

Does Technology Save You Time Or Help You Waste It?  

woman working on laptopTechnology in theory is supposed to increase your productivity. Technology distractions can also offer interruptions to what you need to accomplish; thwarting your efforts for good time management.

Sometimes it seems there is a correlation between spending more time in front of a computer or mobile device and Continue reading

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Business Consultants Close Deals Better Than Sales People

Have you wondered why many of your deals are not closing?

Maybe it is because you are being a sales person and not a business consultant. What’s the difference between a sales person and a business consultant?  Good Question.

One difference is the sales person is so concerned with closing the sale on their terms that they neglect listening to the customer.  The customer wants to know that they will save time or make more money by employing your solution.  This is what business consultants do; provide solutions that make a business more competitive.

When acting as a business consultant, salespeople are more focused, insightful, and knowledgeable about their products, as well as Continue reading

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Employee Benefits: Group Insurance vs. Individual Insurance

Employee benefits come in all shapes and sizes.  Not only do employers choose their employee benefits, they also determine how much they will be pay for the benefits (if at all).  There can be so many options, the choices seem daunting. Employer-paid vs. employee-paid. Group Insurance vs, Individual Insurance.  It’s enough to make some employers scared to even make the decision!

Once you get beyond major medical and 401k, the offerings of supplemental benefits expand even more. Then there are the choices among Continue reading

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Work Smarter, Not More

Are you working long hours but not accomplishing everything you would like?

Revising your work schedule and habits may help you manage your time better. A few changes could result in you working smarter.

Schedule blocks of un-distracted time. This may mean working earlier or later than those around you, only checking email at set times or closing your door and asking not to be disturbed.

Clear your brain. If you are always trying to remember something you need to do it’s hard to focus on the task at hand. At the end of the day create a written or digital list of everything you need to accomplish the next day.

Prioritize your Continue reading

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Important Ratios Lenders Want To See

Last time we met, we covered the Elements of a Loan Application. We’ll continue down that same vein today by looking at what lenders look for – not in the elements and parts of the package – but in the financial minutia, with Important Ratios Lenders Want To See for small businesses and entrepreneurs


What exactly are those pesky underwriters looking for? Ratios!

When assessing the strength of a business, lenders focus on Continue reading

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Find New Clients On LinkedIn

Is your business on LinkedIn? Are you using it to it’s maximum potential?  LinkedIn is the most effective source of leads for business to business (B2B) companies, according to data from HubSpot.  So, if your company sells to other businesses, LinkedIn is where you want to be. Find New Clients on LinkedIn

Graphic, LinkedIn 4 times better for b2b sales

According to Marketingprofs, Linked in is 4 times better than Facebook and Twitter for business to business sales and is outpacing both social platforms in growth.

Here are five tips on how to Continue reading

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Six Qualifying Questions That Will Help You Close More Sales Faster

It happens all the time. A sales person’s closing ratio needs improvement.  He spends several weeks polishing up presentation skills but doesn’t improve his results.

Often, the real problem has nothing to do with closing.  Rather, it has everything to do with not qualifying prospects. Once someone gets out of the habit of qualifying, it’s difficult to start again.

The result is

Continue reading

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